Kara’s Korner

Hi! I cannot tell you how excited I am for you to be reading my blog, so thank you! You might be thinking that I am yet another person who has been roped into a New Year’s Resolution that is going to fizzle out a few weeks down the road. This is only partially true: This is something I wanted to launch for 2017, but it’s been on my mind since this past fall.

This August I moved to the most populated area I have been in my entire life (DC/Maryland area) to begin my dietetic internship. I was excited for the new adventure, opportunities and people I would have, but I was still unsure about what it was I was actually doing. So, we went through orientation week, I went through a few rotation and one day I was walking through the park and realized it had taken me months to finally have an idea of what an internship actually is.(this moment was definitely as cliche as it sounds)

¬†I felt like my entire undergraduate academic career was focused on getting to this point, to my top choice internship, and now that I am here I still didn’t understand it. I had spend so long working towards this big goal, only to find that I didn’t truly know what it was


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